taking tomorrow off work because i’ve been sick xox0x


i get paid roughly 91 quid next week for this week so not too bad

i hurt and i’ve been feeling sick since i hit my head in carolines car.

lol omg someone on the student union in a thread in 2009 is complaining that soas’s lifts didn’t work

i went to a college where a lot of the time the lifts didn’t work, especially the one to the photography part of the basement

a lift not working isn’t going to really deter me from a uni omg

when should i even email soas about this?


when apps open in ucas or asap?

ugh karissa is just amazing

thanks for helping me with some summer school information

i wish i did this when you did so i at least could have a full gap year for work/moving :/

this is a personal blog, message me for my kpop (mostly snsd) blog

why do you guys still follow it starting september im just gonna cry here about ucas

>make this personal blog

>gain 3 followers in one day

go away unless you want to hear me sob about uni apps